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My academic training both in engineering (B.Eng Class of 2015) and architecture (B.Sc 2020 and M.Arch 2023) have enabled me to study and work in various countries including Canada, Morocco, Singapore, India, Italy, and Switzerland. In each of these contexts, I have sought through my work and research to reconcile various bodies of knowledge, media and techniques to highlight space in its most intricate and poetic manifestations. Engaging vernacular architecture with current national and regional design strategies helped me understand the forces at play in shaping identities and re-evaluate the act of building in the Anthropocene. 

My current research, Interzone, an ecology of the Strait , explores the potential of interstitial spaces in the city of Tangier, located on the strait of Gibraltar in northern Morocco, as vessels for inclusive social practices and a deep connection to the soil.  Through fieldwork and explorations of the literary production of Tangier's Beat culture, in particular William Burroughs' novel Interzone, my research attempts to define a grammar for the city that bridges its idealized past as an international zone with its latent future as a sprawling port metropolis on the western mediterranean. The interzone, this phenomenological and physical area of the in-between, becomes the city's narrative from immemorial times till this day and a mode of belonging to the city through a set of practives that while maintaining an intinimate relationship to the territory, resist formal planning and repression from the state.

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