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I have been fascinated since childhood, with the memories of places and the memories of the men and women who inhabited them. Architecture only has meaning to me insofar as it moves beyond its functionalist aspirations. After all, isn’t architecture at its inception, a representation of a hidden celestial order? As such, it must retain a part of myth, to keep inspiring us, to keep transporting us, and remind us, where we come from and where we could go. It is this desire to understand humans through their built environment and vice-versa, that I draw from in my work.

My academic training both in engineering (B.Eng Class of 2015) and architecture (B.Sc Class of 2020) have enabled me to study and work in various countries including Canada, Morocco, Singapore, India and Italy. In each of these contexts, I have sought through my work and research to reconcile various bodies of knowledge, media and techniques to highlight space in its most intricate and poetic way. Engaging vernacular architecture with current national and regional design strategies helped me understand the forces at play in shaping identities and re-evaluate the act of building in the Anthropocene.

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